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Optimizing Facebook Settings

Welcome! My name is Nick and I'm very excited to be your host for another social media webinar!

This month, I'll be showing you how to optimize your settings to improve your Business Page’s performance and appearance across Facebook.

From setting a preferred FB audience to verifying your Page for higher search rankings, I’m going to be walking you through a handful of very simple tricks you can use to give your Page an immediate and permanent advantage online.

We're also going to explore several safeguards you can use for a deeper control over the activity that's made towards your FB Page.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Creating customized profile layouts on FB Page

  • Adding admins and other Page roles

  • Setting a Preferred Audience for FB

  • Verifying your Page for higher FB search rankings

  • Creating automated FB messages/replies within Messenger

  • Adding profanity filters and blockers

  • Adding, removing, and rearranging your Page’s profile tabs

  • Setting fan restrictions, permissions, and other online safeguards

  • Monitoring/managing the conversations made toward your Page across all of FB

Your Page settings not only allow you to customize the way your content appears online, but it also determines how, where, and when your fans can interact with it on Facebook.

By watching this webinar, my hope is that you'll gain a more advanced understanding of how FB settings work so that you can make sure your fans experience your Page the exact way that you want them to. Watch ALL social media webinars:

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